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Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love – The Book



The project by k.r.u.z.o.k.

Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love brings about a set of reflections on the possible relation between ideology and social emotions, sexuality and nationalism, love and emotional community within nationalist and/or market fundamentalism. In attempts to find out how these issues were tackled in film, visual arts and architecture, we are trying to draw some new lines of understanding love as a tissue in which ideological, political, social and economic meanings are inscribed.

This publication is composed of visual and textual contributions which unfold different chapters on the entanglement of politics and collective sentiment, as well as love as a trigger for dedicated unpaid work.

Contributors: The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Clare Butcher, Jasmina Cibic, Sebastian Cichocki, Marija Dremaite, (Bob Dylan), Fokus Grupa, Thomas Hirschhorn, Marina Naprushkina, Ana Peraica, Tihana Puc

ISBN 978-94-91677-24-3

Softcover, 124 pages
13.5 x 19.5 cm
three colours (Black + Pantone 721 U + Pantone 307 U)
Edition: 400
Editors: Nataša Bodrožić and Irena Borić
Graphic design: Rafaela Dražić
Translation and proofreading: Ena Prokić, Zana Šaškin

Published by: Slobodne veze & ONOMATOPEE
The project is supported by Zagreb City Office of Education, Culture and Sports


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